President - Sue Wilcox
I have been involved with the JRRT since 2003.  I am a diver - my "happy place" is below the sea surface.

Vice President - John Perkner

Treasurer - Luke Lawley
My diving began in the Navy in 1985, making various dives to 190', 285', and 300' HE02; and 21 days at 850', taking a full 10 days to recompress back to the surface.  Now with the JRRT, I'm very happy supporting the team counting fish and having fun under the waves. "WHO YA DEEP SEA"

Secretary - Justina Dacey

Chief Science Coordinator – Katie Bizub

Dive Safety Coordinator – TBD

Public Relations Coordinator – Mike Kurtz / Doris Pope-Reyes

Training Coordinator – Sue Wilcox (interim)