Bridge rubble finds new home at Haddock's Hideaway ...

Two barge loads of material from the Buckman Bridge, including concrete pilings and culverts, were deployed in 75 feet of water at Haddock's Hideaway (HH). The deployment included one of the barges, which was filled with concrete pilings. The barge took two hours to finally slip be low the surface to its new resting place.

The new placement was observed by members of the Jacksonville Reef Research Team and the Jacksonville Offshore Fishing Club on May 26, 1994 aboard the One Armed Bandit. Reef Research Team members Allison Rogers, Mike Dupes, Al Ramsey, and Marc Dillon, aboard the One Armed Bandit mapped the new placement on June 6, 1994 and prepared a deployment map.

Reef Research Team divers aboard Endless Possibilities II photographed the deployment on June 19, 1994 and observed barnacles and hydroid growth on the barge already. With approximately 25 feet of relief, the barge and associated material provide an excellent shelter for fish and invertebrate growth. This will certainly be a great new hotspot for both divers and fishermen alike.

Marc E. Dillon, Chief Scientist, RRT

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